Brand Story

The Taste of Nolstagia of All Time​

Good Taste, a nostalgic WanTon Noodle Restaurant founded by two young Malaysians  has evolved from a street stall to a chain restaurant. Today, 20    stores are operating across the Klang Valley. The Wan Tan Restaurant first began its operation in 2007 to provide the most traditional and home-made Chinese noodles to the locals.

The father operated a stall in a small coffee shop  to sell Wantan Noodle in order to raise a family. The irreplaceable taste of foods and crafts created in the stall are all originated from the generation of the founders’ grandfather. Hence, the business was very engaging.

Whilst business response is overwhelming, the fatherencountered a number of challenges from the external environment. These includes the rent hike and the pressures arising from other food stalls due to its outstanding business response. 

Finally in 2013, the stall has gone through a major transformation and restructuring. It was then being renamed to Good Taste Restaurant and commences its operation in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. 

Across these years, Good Taste Restaurant has always been the favourite of all walks of people. The business is visioning to expand further in order to popularize the traditional Chinese food to the community.

Future Prospect & Goals​

Good Taste Restaurant sets a goal for the future is to transform its family-owned business into a successful restaurant chain store. 

Our short-term goal is to be able to enter the major shopping mall. By then, you can see the traces of Good Taste Restaurant in the major shopping malls. I believe this will become a major turning point for Good  Taste Restaurant. A brand new Good Taste Restaurant is about to be born!

Good Taste strives to optimize the overall decoration of the outlets and improving the quality of the food, with the goal of providing the consumers to enjoy better services. We are dedicated to making your traditional Chinese cuisine dining experience a memorable occasion.

The Business Concept of
Good Taste Restaurant

“Good Taste intends to share the most authentic taste of older generation with the young ones.”

Good Taste Restaurant sets its first target in the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, to provide the urban people experience in all the Chinese traditional flavors. Good Taste Restaurant has grown rapidly which opened nearly 20 branches in just 6 years. We serve Malaysian with the best Nostalgia’s Chinese traditional cuisine & adopted the contemporary design decoration to provide our guests with a comfortable dining experience.

We truly believe that quality is the core value of our culinary distinction, while service is the essence of our management excellence. Thus, we go the extra mile in training all employees to work in unity, foster valuable relationships and communicate effectively across all channels.

Good Taste Secret Recipes

“Good Taste Restaurant incorporates a contemporary restaurant concept into a traditional Chinese cuisine industry.”

Good Taste Restaurant was first started in Mahkota Cheras, Malaysia since 2013. We have been putting efforts to develop a range of delicacies in order to provide Malaysian with the best traditional Chinese cuisine eating experience. As it turned out, the signature WanTan Noodle received a very positive response from the customers. Good Taste Restaurant has always been emphasizing on the traditional taste.

As time goes by, new dishes were added into the menu to the delights of the customers. We eventually developed a large number of popular gourmets including Roast Duck Leg Noodle, Curry Noodle, WanTan Noodle, and Charcoal Toast Bread.

The majority of customers who came to dine at Good Taste Restaurant were asking for the Charcoal Toasted Bread. It is definitely an outstanding side dish you need to try. What made the charcoal-grilled bread so tasty as the bread is grilled to perfection with the adequate amount of fillings with your choice.

Besides the signature dish, WanTan Noodle, Charcoal Toasted Bread, chicken, duck, roast meat, and barbequed meat, namely the “4 Treasures of Good Taste” can be tasted at all branches of Good Taste Restaurant. Every branch of Good Taste Restaurant approximately sells 300 to 500 dishes in a day.

Consistency is a key, Good Taste Restaurant always makes sure all kitchen staff and chefs follow the same preparation and cooking guidelines for each dish. Menus  should offer enough variety to satisfy tastes without discard the obsession of the quality of the food. Quality control has been prioritized in the production of every dish that they serve.

He also mentioned, “Every chef has a different background, but the ingredient and cooking methods are absolutely the same. I am still very reassured as they are all professionally trained chefs.” Either the strict execution of ingredient selection or cooking methods are indispensable.

So come to Good Taste Restaurant and enjoy our elaborate new Chinese cuisine with our traditional master’s chef touch, and allow us to bestow you with a truly unique creation of exquisite cuisine and a memorable experience that you will cherish for years to come!